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While buying a vehicle second hand, to get complete information about vehicle or vahan is very important and tough task or to verify complete vehicle model number, vehicle makers info. People can fool buyers by making some duplicate documents of vehicle, can faraud you. So it is always vetter option to verfiy vehicle/vahan details. You can check following things of vehicle/vahan by number plate : vahan information, Vahan RTO Registration Number, Chassis Number, Engine Number. RTO vehicle Information Database also includes details of Regional Transport Office of vahan/vehicle in India.

Know your vehicle details steps:

1. Navigate to

3. After successfully creating account, just login by entering your contact number & password.

4. After successful login you can enter your vehicle plate number/ RC number to verify vehicle owner details..

5. After this, to know the details of the vehicle owner, click on the option of “Vahan Search” button given below.

6. Now you will get all the details of that vehicle like RTO name, vehicle owner name, insurance details, registration date, etc.

How to know the name of the owner from the vehicle number through SMS?

Apart from this, if you want, you can also know the name of the owner from the vehicle number by sending an SMS through your mobile phone. For this, enter ‘VAHAN’ vehicle number in the SMS box of your mobile phone and send it to 07738299899. Immediately after this, you will get the name of the vehicle owner and all the details related to it through message.

How to know the name of the owner from the vehicle number through mobile app mParivahan?

The Transport Department has also provided all the information related to vehicle details on its official application mParivahan, with the help of this, if you want to get complete details about the vehicle, then follow the following steps for this-

  • First of all, download NextGen mParivahan App from Play Store, and open it.
  • Now the option of “Sign In” will appear in front of you, if you are already registered on the app, then log in with the help of your mobile number and OTP, if not then click on the option of “Sign Up”.
  • Now register yourself with your mobile number, email ID and name, and also set a 6 digit mPin.
  • After successful registration, log in.
  • Now you will see a website like user interface in the app, here you click on the Informational Services option.
  • Now after this you click on the RC search option below.
  • Now you can get the name of the vehicle owner and many other information on your mobile screen by entering your vehicle number.

FAQs Vehicle Owner Details By Number Plate

How can I find the owner details of a vehicle by its number plate?

To find the owner details of a vehicle using its number plate, you can contact the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or the relevant authority in your area. They may provide this information, subject to legal restrictions.

Is it legal to search for vehicle owner details by the number plate?

The legality of searching for vehicle owner details by number plate varies by location. In many places, such information is considered private, and accessing it without a legitimate reason may be illegal. Always check with your local authorities regarding the legal requirements and limitations.

What information can I obtain about the vehicle owner using the number plate?

Typically, you can obtain basic information such as the owner’s name and address. However, the exact details you can access may vary depending on your location and the specific laws in place.

Are there any online services that provide vehicle owner details by number plate?

Some online services claim to offer this information, but their legitimacy can be questionable. Be cautious when using such services and ensure they are compliant with local laws.

What are the common reasons for needing vehicle owner details by number plate?

Legitimate reasons for obtaining vehicle owner details may include accidents, legal matters, or verifying ownership of a vehicle. Always ensure you have a valid reason for requesting this information.

How can I report misuse of my vehicle owner information obtained through the number plate?

If you suspect that your vehicle owner information has been misused, contact your local law enforcement or the relevant authorities to report the misuse. They can guide you on how to address the issue.

Can I request my own vehicle owner details using my number plate?

You can typically request your own vehicle owner details from the local DMV or similar authority for legitimate reasons, such as updating your records or verifying your ownership.

Is there a fee associated with accessing vehicle owner details by number plate?

Some authorities may charge a fee for providing this information. Be prepared to cover any associated costs.

What information should I provide when requesting vehicle owner details by number plate?

You will likely need to provide the vehicle’s number plate, and in some cases, you might need to explain the reason for your request.

How long does it take to obtain vehicle owner details by number plate?

The processing time can vary depending on the authority and location. It’s best to check with the relevant agency for an estimate.

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